At Blue Iris Studios, you will find a large and ever-expanding selection of fine, handmade jewellery, in porcelain, and precious metal clay (fine silver 999).

Fine porcelain is hand formed and cut or impressed with various designs. After the initial firing, pieces are glazed in a rainbow of beautiful colours and finishes. Some pieces are then inlaid with fine silver and fired a third time to fuse the silver to the clay, or adorned with artisan-made glass beads. Pendants hang on sterling silver chains.

Chocolate brown stoneware pendants are now available with a variety of popular embossed motifs, including birds, hearts and graphic patterns. These are glazed in earthy tones and suspended from gunmetal chains.

Blue Iris Studios’ latest jewellery collection is made using Precious Metal Clay, which is not clay at all! Silver PCM is actually very fine particles of recycled silver mixed with an organic binder that gives it working properties similar to clay. This means it can be rolled, pinched, embossed, cut, and fired. When fired, the organic binder burns off and the silver particles sinter together. What you are left with is 999 fine silver – 99% silver! These handmade fine silver pieces are attached to sterling silver earwires and chains, and are often adorned with Swarovski crystals and crystal pearls.